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Elementary School


 Elementary school is a crucial time for developing the fundamentals necessary for academic success. Click below to learn about how The Progressive Centre can help. 

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High School


 Even with excellent study skills, succeeding in high school can be an overwhelming task.   Click below to learn about how The Progressive Centre can help. 

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Special Needs


 Students with special needs require a customized approach to help with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders.  Click below to learn about how The Progressive Centre can help.  

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What We Offer

Comprehensive Support


  After working with a Progressive Tutor, our students emerge with a clear grasp of reading, writing, and math fundamentals. Our tutors have years of experience working with students of all ages and create a fun, exciting learning environment, fostering an enthusiasm for learning which later evolves into excellent study habits and academic skills. These skills also come in handy when preparing for standardized tests, such as the EQAO and OSSLT.

Personalized Plans


In dialogue with you, our Centre Director will lay out several possible packages. Once we pick the plan that suits the student best, we can get down to work.  

Hand Picked Tutors


All of our tutors have many years of experience working in their respective fields of expertise – from special needs to academic fundamentals. Depending on the goals and areas of focus, students will be matched with an expert tutor who matches their personalities and learning styles. Our tutors have helped  students not only improve their grades, but also improve their confidence and work ethic, setting a foundation for long-term academic success. 

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I understand that each student's situation and needs are unique to them. Tell me more about what you're looking for, and I will get back to you soon with some ideas.

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